Job Interview Techniques

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, but they’re also an opportunity to show potential employers what makes you unique and qualified for the position. In this post, we’ll discuss some job interview techniques that can help you stand out from other candidates and make a positive impression on your interviewer.

Research the Company

One of the most important things you can do before a job interview is to research the company you’re interviewing with. This shows that you’re interested and invested in the company, and it also helps you prepare for the interview itself. Look up the company’s mission statement, recent news or press releases, and any information you can find on their products or services. This will help you understand the company’s values and goals, which you can then reference during the interview.

Practice Your Responses

While you can’t predict every question you’ll be asked during a job interview, you can prepare for common questions and practice your responses. This can help you feel more confident and articulate during the interview. Practice with a friend or family member, or record yourself answering questions and review your performance.

Highlight Your Unique Qualities

Employers are looking for candidates who stand out from the crowd, so make sure to highlight your unique qualities during the interview. This might include your relevant experience, specific skills or certifications, or your personality traits. Don’t be afraid to showcase your strengths and what sets you apart from other candidates.

Demonstrate Your Enthusiasm

Employers want to hire candidates who are passionate about the job and the company. Show your enthusiasm during the interview by asking thoughtful questions, being engaged and attentive during the conversation, and expressing your interest in the position. If you’re genuinely excited about the opportunity, it will come across in your demeanor and responses.

Use Specific Examples

Instead of just talking about your skills and experience, use specific examples to illustrate your capabilities. For example, instead of saying “I’m a great communicator,” you might say “In my previous job, I was responsible for leading weekly team meetings and effectively communicating project goals and timelines to all team members.” This shows that you not only have the skill, but you’ve also put it into practice and can provide tangible evidence of your abilities.

Recommended Book

If you’re looking for more tips on how to stand out during a job interview, we recommend “101 Smart Questions to Ask on Your Interview” by Ron Fry. This book provides a comprehensive list of questions you can ask during a job interview to demonstrate your interest, knowledge, and qualifications. It also includes advice on how to ask questions effectively and make a positive impression on your interviewer.


By researching the company, practicing your responses, highlighting your unique qualities, demonstrating your enthusiasm, and using specific examples, you can make a lasting impression during a job interview. Remember to be yourself, be confident, and stay engaged throughout the conversation. Good luck with your job search!

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