Career Changes

You have a lot of passion, but maybe you’re not sure exactly how to answer the question “what’s your passion?”. You’ve got a lot of skills in many different roles, but you’re not an “expert” in any one thing. Is this such a bad thing? Whether you’re lost or easily bored, career changes can give you the right stimuli to enrich your life with fascinating experiences.

I’ve been lucky with my roller coaster of a career. I started as a pre-med student in college, but got a sales job after. Then somehow I got my feet wet with IT project management. Now I am a web developer. It might not sound interesting at all to some of you, but I wouldn’t trade my experiences for the world. Did I feel like I was wasting my time? More often than I’d like to admit. Did I ever feel fully prepared and “smart” for each role? Nope. Did my world fall apart? Nope.

Sound Advice and Encouragement

Career changes can be scary, but are not impossible or insane in any way. It’s also not something that’s age-restricted. Take a leap of faith, work hard to get some new skills you can use in a new career, and see where it can take you. It’s not always fun and games, though. Changing careers is a big effort and can be a lot of stress, but maybe that’s what your mind and soul are craving! Are you looking to go back to school for education or get certified for some skills? Do you need a number of hours to get qualified? Is it going to be expensive? There’s many factors to consider, but it should be worth it if it’ll make you happier and more wholesome of a person.

Enjoy the process and trust yourself and your skills. New career opportunities can lead you to a more fulfilling life and may even help you find where your passion lies, but even if it doesn’t, no big deal! You’ll gain a broader perspective, and maybe you’ll learn something about yourself along the way. That sounds good to me and definitely worth my time and energy. Cheers to a new year and new opportunities!