Sometimes we feel like we don’t have the right skills or knowledge or experience for a certain job or project. This can seem like a disadvantage to many, and it prevents us from taking that next big opportunity. Maybe we are afraid or lack the confidence or just don’t know what to do. We sometimes get in the habit of thinking “Oh that’s probably not meant for me right now” or “If only I knew this and that, I would totally be able to get that role”. Maybe it’s time to flip the script and think about how we have what it takes to be successful in a seemingly unreachable role or position.

Think you’re too old for a certain role? Turn that disadvantage around to think about the experience you bring instead. Let’s say for that same opportunity, you think you’re too young. Think about how you’ll bring in a new energy and creativity to the position. What if you have a very diverse resume with short timeframes at multiple companies? Many of you are quick to think there must be something wrong there. In contrast, you can proudly share your many interests, and how you enjoy challenging yourself, learning, and growing constantly.

What if you have the opposite, where you only have one job on your resume for decades? You can mention how important loyalty is for you. Furthermore, emphasize your contributions to the overall success that sustained the company. As well as the many lessons you’ve learned along the way. Have a degree in art, but want to work with computers? Consequently, you need the basic necessary skills. Otherwise, you can persuade yourself and the interviewer that you bring a clever creative side to engineering that not everyone has.

Finally, you’ve gotten yourself so far in life and you’ve been through your own struggles and successes that come with it’s own unique life lessons and skills. Be proud of that and leverage it for big moves in your future. Your disadvantages are just your perception. Work on making those into remarkable achievements and advantages to take you to new heights. You’re not lying or being deceptive or misleading by having a new perspective, you’re simply taking advantage of your disadvantages.