Workspace setup

Job hunting is stressful, but starting all over again at a new company can be an anxiety-inducing endeavor. From the start, all your routines will need to be adjusted. Your usual work friends will not be there. Additionally, you’ll need to continue setting yourself up for success for at least another three months from day one. As nervous as this can make you, remember to breathe and keep these checklist items in mind and visualize yourself enjoying and excelling in your new adventure.

Firsts of a new job

  1. Don’t be shy and introduce yourself. It’s a new culture you’re walking into. It might take a minute to know how people interact with each other. A friendly introduction never hurts, along with a smile. Depending on how big the place is, challenge yourself to memorize everyone’s names. This helped me feel part of the team and builds an invisible thread of trust.
  2. Bring your own lunches for the first week, in case going out to lunch isn’t a thing your team does or if you don’t know how the first week of work goes. Be sure to take your lunch break though! Step away from the desk/computer/office. Go for a walk around the building. Get to know the surroundings. If you’re invited for lunch out, do it and enjoy the new friendships. If you had close friends at your previous workplace, meet them for lunch and share your new experiences.
  3. Know the spoken and unspoken rules. Maybe there’s a section in the fridge that’s community property or maybe they don’t have an open snack section. Do people take turns loading and unloading the dishwasher or is there a designated person? Who makes the coffee? Do people mostly work quietly in their spaces? Affffre there collaborative spaces available to do meetings? There’s many “cultural” type of scenarios you’ll have to be open and sensitive to when you first join. If you have new ideas to incorporate, find out who to talk to.
  4. Document your first few months of work and talk to your team leads about your goals and milestones to reach frequently. This is crucial to keeping your head and work organized. This is probably a good thing to keep up with throughout your career, but at least for your first few months make sure your work is on the right track. If any down times come around, make note of questions to ask to the appropriate people. Also, if your first few weeks and months don’t seem busy, be sure to use this time to better your skills, during work and after.

Add to this list for a successful start

The tasks in this checklist are just a few things that helped me have a great start. You can add and comment on this checklist with your own ideas. Soon you’ll be welcomed into the company with open arms! Good luck and be awesome.